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Christmas Special – DC Pinup Photography

Christmas Special

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Stuff you want to know

We get asked a lot of questions about this pinup holiday special, and these are the most popular…

What if I want hair and makeup?

If you would like to add hair and makeup, the cost is an additonal $139 and you will need to arrive an hour and a half before your session.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, as long as the friend is not the person you are giving the portraits to. Why? The two main reasons are the portraits will have a bigger imapct if they are a surprise and we have found that you will be more comfortable and relaxed if your special someone is not at the photo session.

If you and your friend would each like to have your pinup portraits done, you can add an additional half hour of photo time for $99. So, 1.5 hours (45 mintues each) will be $398 ($199 each), and includes the 2 outfit changes and complimentary 8×10 for each.

When should I arrive?

Plan on arriving about 20 minutes before your scheduled session time. This will give you time to relax and get changed into your first outfit.

What clothes should I bring?

When selecting clothing, select clothes you feel good about wearing and that feel good on. If you don’t like what you’ve picked out, you will not relax during your pinup session. The second thing to consider is wearing something your husband/boyfriend/partner likes. (But, you must feel good in it and about it.)

How many outfits should I bring??

We recommend 3-5 outfits and some clothing and accessories that can be mixed-and-matched. This gives you the most options to come up with 2 spectacular outfits.

Will there be props?

Yes, we will have some props available. (Large bow, mistletoe, santa hat, ornmanets) Feel free to bring along your own props or give us ideas of what you’d like.

What happens after I book a session?

Once booked, you should plan on having about a 20-30 minute discussion to plan your session.

I’m nervous. Is that normal?

Yes! We deal with nerves all of the time! Between the phone call planning session, and the pre-session get together when you arrive about 20 minutes early, you’ll get relaxed. Remember, our pinup sessions are fun and flirty and we don’t ask you to do anything you or we are not comfortable with.

What about posing?

No worries! Butch will demonstrate the poses and expressions he needs from you. If he can do them….

Can I buy more portraits?

Of course! Use the contact form below to let us know you are interested in the pinup special and to see the prices.

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